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Spend your free days in southern Sweden, Blekinge, and be as born again. Head out into the unique, beautifully diverse nature. Discover the archipelago, the glittering lakes and the white sandy beaches. Explore the living history, enjoy the culture, the local food and the world heritage and the naval city of Karlskrona. Welcome to Blekinge, a small landscape with great experiences!

Top 10 - Welcome to Blekinge!

Blekinge is Sweden's smallest landscape on the mainland, yet there are three different parts with everything from the archipelago, a coastal strip to the wilderness. Thanks to the wide variety, Blekinge is like a Sweden in miniature with significant experiences in a small landscape. Welcome to start to explore Blekinge in this guide, and we will hope to see you in Blekinge soon!

World Heritage Karlskrona

Karlskrona's well-preserved architecture and city plan gave the city world heritage status in 1998. The city was founded in 1680 by King Charles XI. The need for a new base for the fleet was the basis for the decision. More than 330 years later, the naval base is still here, on Lindholmen - the very heart of the world heritage. There is a large selection of guided tours to book, or you can explore the world heritage on your own, at your own pace.

Islands & archipelago

Enjoy blue days with wind and water, salt-sprinkled cliffs and lovely coves. Embark on a wonderful voyage of discovery in the Blekinge archipelago.

Outdoor Adventures

Blekinge is all about experience nature, water and wilderness. The best way to do that is by hiking or biking on our prepared trails or kayaking in the lakes or at the sea. Outdoor life here is magic and silent a must do if your into outdoor activities.

Sweden's Golf Coast

Blekinge has eight well-managed challenging, forgiving and beautiful golf courses with their unique character. All of the courses can present a real challenge for both professionals and amateurs. It all depends on how you choose to play them. The courses that form a part of the unique Sweden's golf coast are all close to each other. You can start the week playing on a coastal course, before moving on to parkland courses in a forest, or by fields and meadows. And also Blekinge geographical location makes it possible to play golf all year round.

Fishing in Blekinge

The whole of Blekinge is like a single large fishing centre with a great breadth of fishing experiences, all within an hour's radius by car. There are plenty of professional well-maintained fishing facilities with accommodation and guides.

Arts & culture

Blekinge offers rich art and cultural life. Here, creativity and creative works flourish with a background from both sea and nature, combined with history from a bygone era.

Children's & family fun

Playing is fun and easy in Blekinge! Are you planning a family vacation? In Blekinge, there are plenty of exciting places where kids can play, explore and have fun!

See & do

Whether you like action or prefer peace and quiet, you will feel welcome in Blekinge. Here you can enjoy great music, the city pulse, learn more about our history and technology as well as just relax by a quiet lake and listen to the birds. You can experience our wild animals up close or maybe visit the more exotic ones at a distance. You can bath and play in waterparks or take a boat trip in our beautiful archipelago. Your imagination sets the limits!

Dining & "Swedish fika"

Do you fancy something local, new or exciting? Blekinge has a whole range of taste experiences to offer. Indulge yourself with some Blekinge roasted coffee, our local brewery making beer tasting of raspberries, or mayonnaise that feels like a kiss. Try also the local flavors on our icecream, goat chesse and sourdough cinnamon buns from a bakery. In Blekinge the restaurants focus on wild meat, fresh fish and vegetables from the farmers around, so you are in for a treat!

Unique Spots

Blekinge is like the sea; with you every step of the way along the coastline. Mighty rivers, bubbling brooks, calm lakes, even when covered with ice. Try out exciting water slides and relaxing hot tubs with cold and warm water, untamed and peaceful. Be yourself and find activities and experiences that will make you happy and will make you feel alive. Things do not have to be incredibly fast or loud to make an impression and stick to your memory. Relaxing moments can be just as valuable. Experience the lush archipelago, the World Heritage Site, the medieval towns, and the white sandy beaches. Feel the sun on your skin, taste the food and drinks. Be enchanted by Blekinge, the wilderness, and the water.


Blekinge have accommodation that suits all tastes and requirements even if you arrive by car, boat, bike, plane if you are alone or part of a big family. For example; you can stay in exclusive accommodation in the wilderness or remain in the town center. Blekinge's youth hostels, campsites, caravan sites, hotels tend to be close to lakes or the sea. If you want to travel around Blekinge, it's easy to switch location. Forests, sea, and towns are all close together. Did you know there's just half and hour from each city? See you in Blekinge!

Campsites in Blekinge

Finding your dream camping and caravan site is easy. You can camp by the sea with the city just a short walk away. Or you may find a sweet spot by a lake where you can paddle your canoe. There are perfect glamping, camping and caravan sites for every fishers, festival-goer, culture enthusiast or golfer. Pick and choose from the 10 great camping and caravan sites you can find and create a holiday feeling with both pause and pulse.

Tourist & travel information

Blekinge is close to wherever you live and no matter how you choose to get here. Pack your car, enjoy the view and take the boat across the strait. Or choose the flight, from Sweden's capital you can reach Ronneby Airport in just 50 minutes. How do you want to travel to Blekinge? Here are some tips on itineraries!